System of drone with tracking and igniting in the night in 1km

  this picture is only to reference

finding target by radar, laser igniting in 1 km, finding and tracking drone by video in 1 km


Instruction for low light million HD camera lens

Lens zoom: f12-360mm

cmos: 1/1.8″

weight: 3500 g

working art: automatic / electric

zoom: 30x automatic

interface: C

the nearst zoom: 5M

working voltage: DC12V

art of control transmission: 422

relative aperture: short focus f1,4 – telephoto f 2,8

low light: city situation in the night, both focuses are color


million HD video camera

HD CMOS: 1/1.8 inch

resolution: 2000thousands pixel

illumination: 0.001Lux

multimode compression technology: H.264

art of synchronize: within the power supply

gain: automatically

art of power: DC12V

working temperature: -40℃ — 60℃

throughgh the fog: optics

autoatic focus drive: yes

art of switching of vedeo camera: color/laser/fog


Instruction of variable speed Haeundae

design of anti strong wind

input voltage: AC220V±10% 50/60Hz

horizontal speed: <80W

vertical speed: 0.2°/S~60°/S

preset position: 0.2°/S~60°/S

art of communication: herizontal 360,continuous rotating.  Vertical:  -10°~+80°

vertical limit: more than 100 degree maximum

preset position : >60

art of communication : compatible RS -422. achieve to angel tranfering

communications agreement: Pelco-P  YAAN

loading maximum: 35Kg, fast rotating loading 35Kg

art of bearer:  side load

working temperature: -40℃~+ 60℃

material:  main body in aluminum alloy

wall thickness more then: 5mm

weight: <20kg

preset for Haeundae camera:  yes

inforation guide: yes, data input, Haeundae coming to the position autoatically

tracking: tracking autoatically

cover:  pretecte glass, nano precessing, water drop naturely

seal grade: IP66

working temperature: -40-+60°


25W laser fill light

wavelength of laser: 808nm

power supply: 12V 5A

cover: metal, design of cutting and cooling for cover

laser adjustment: automatic/electric

working temperature: -40-+60°

cover: sealed

cooling: come with

life of laser fill light: >100.000 h

angel: 0.3-50°

laser striking, life longer than 1000thousands hours

laser power: 500W / 2000W

strike area: <3 cm / <5 cm

ignite time: <5s

ignite distance: 1000M

laser wavelength: 945nm