lowlight Kamera

color ultra low light camera day and night












Main features:

day and night color lowlight camera/ wide spectrum , can be increased various auxiliary fill light. Internet, digital, analog output can be loaded on demand. Can be loaded cradle head or lighting auxiliary equipments on demand in oder to make more functional tasks.

Seeing distance under day light : >=5km according to visibility and telephoto lens.,

Under night: 2-5 km according to visibility and telephoto.

High sensitivity IOS 50 ten thousand and can be expanded to 500 ten thousand, beyond traditional Night Vision.

High sharpness: 200 ten thousand pixel . Full HD: 1920 H x 1080 v.

High frequency: 25 frames, Dynamic without tailing.

Signal to noise ratio: 50db.

Wide spectrum : induction between UV 375mm- infrared spectrum 1050mm.

Wide spectrum optical lens: special optical crystal materials, wide spectrum focus copolymer.

Wide dynamic: Anti-backlight.

Dynamic range: 100db.

Working temperature -25 C°- +60 C°.

Interface: internet.

Lend powered: DC 12.

Power: <3W.

Size : 255Lx 150 w x 120h.

Weight: 5.3kg.

Can be loaded lens: focus/ zoom/ wide angle/ telephoto. Longest focal length: 2000mm. Highest magnification: 100times. Largest relative aperture: 0.9.

Light sources can be loaded: 375-1050 Single spectrum light sources, composite light sources, light sources can be zoomed.

Cradle head: can be used in car , ship and aircraft, fixed and mobil. accuracy 0.01°/0.02°/0.05°


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